About Us

Infinity Staffing is a licensed recruitment agency that offers the best recruitment assistance to both job-seekers and employers. As a reputed employment agency Toronto, we are committed to meeting the needs of today’s changing labor force. Our mission is to provide you highly skilled and specialized workers to complete your projects and contracts. We have experience in filling all kinds of positions with the best available talent. We have an extensive database of potential candidates that we keep on updating regularly. We can provide you skilled and experienced labor and employees that meet the skills set requirements and fit into your organization’s culture.

We represent clients from a wide spectrum of industries and help each one of our clients in recruiting staff with the right skills. Our agency specializes in temporary/permanent placement, contract staffing, IT / Payroll outsourcing, and HR consultancy. The quality of your staff can make a difference when it comes to your company’s success. Our dedicated consultants offer excellent, comprehensive, and efficient employment service to our valued clients. As an established labor agency Toronto, we take pride in offering guaranteed results. We start the staffing process by having a deep understanding of our clients’ industries and requirements. This is followed by searching for perfect candidates through our comprehensive resume database.

We provide placement services for the following industries

If you’re looking for a temp job or need a contractual worker for your company, we’re an experienced temporary labor agency Toronto. We provide workforce solutions in the manufacturing, process and infrastructure industries, and more. We help job applicants, as well as companies at every step of the process. From locating the talent to recruiting them, we provide complete staffing services. Our professional team understands the job requirements, education, and experience related to the positions. If you’re looking for the right job opportunity, we can provide you with the best placement opportunities. We can create an impressive resume, match your skills, and prepare you for the interview. Our mission is to help employers find talent to drive their businesses forward while placing candidates into fulfilling jobs and careers.